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    Welcome to Integral CFO. Founded with a rebellious spirit and one clear objective…

    To help small and medium sized businesses thrive in a way larger corporate companies often do, while retaining core family values of a small to medium sized business.


    Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: too many SME’s are failing.


    Having worked for large multi national companies most of my life, I was shielded from the realities of small business ownership – until recently. When a close friend of whom I’d thought ran a successful chain of restaurants suddenly told me that he was selling up after 5 years, I was blown away! He’d put everything into it including 15 hour days, 7 days a week.


    I wanted to understand why…


    In the end, the restaurants he thought were turning a profit were losing cash. he didn’t have long term business plans or clearly defined budgets with the right performance measurements. In addition, investments were also made without truly understanding whether a return would be possible.


    That said, he was a great restaurant operator. Being an ex-chef, and operations director of various food chains, he understood the mechanics of running a restaurant business. But that alone, is not enough where margins are tight and every cent counts. You need precision and financial rigour!


    Where was his CFO when he needed one?

    John Liu – Founder and Director

    John has over 15 years’ experience as a finance director across a number industries including FMCG, retail, luxury goods, pharmaceutical and entertainment. He has also worked in regions spanning SE Asia, APAC and the UK giving him the depth of knowledge and skills that are necessary when mapping out solutions for businesses. John has extensive experience in the areas of strategic planning and execution, financial control, data analysis and process improvement. He has orchestrated and led numerous programs whilst working with global companies such as Unilever, Paramount Pictures and Johnson & Johnson improving their market / category share and profitability.


    John is considered to be a leader not only in his field, but across the organisations that he has worked with often bringing teams together and helping others extend their thinking to drive tangible results.


    He is passionate about business in general which has led him to work for multinational businesses. He has developed strong stake holder management and relationship competencies having worked with international businesses and brings this to the table as a business partner.


    John’s key strengths are working with companies to develop business strategies that are tested and aligned with action plans that deliver long term value. He uses a combination of strategic and operational finance methods to ensure that programs and processes are tracked and measured in such a way that enables executives to manage risk and capitalise on opportunities.


    John is a CPA and has a degree in Economics from the University of Sydney with majors in Accounting.

    Achieving your business objectives requires more than just meeting your sales goals

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