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    Get real time results from cloud based software

    Cloud based applications for real-time tracking of your business transactions.

    If you are a small but growing business and you want to take it to the next level, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about cloud based accounting software solutions.


    While paper-based or spreadsheet systems may be fine for some accounting applications, a more sophisticated system will allow for real-time tracking of your business transactions; including daily sales, payments, receipts, profit margins and cash flow. It will even help with creating your BAS reports.


    Or if you are a medium sized company with higher levels of complexity in your product or service offering, then perhaps a more sophisticated ‘Business Intelligent System’ for planning and reporting may be required.


    The benefits include:

    • Faster more accurate reporting, analysis or planning.
    • Better business decisions.
    • Improved data quality.
    • Improved operational efficiency.
    • Improved customer satisfaction.
    • Increased competitive advantage.


    With any software implementation, you are changing the entire operation of the company and everyone’s responsibilities. If not done correctly, you can create costly disruptions to your business as well as having major budget overruns and longer-than-planned implementations.


    International IT studies show that 50% of all major IT projects are not implemented on time or within budget. This is where we come in.

    How do we help?

    • Choose the right financial system for your business
    • Vendor negotiations to get the right price
    • Project management and implementation
    • Any other ad-hoc projects

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