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    Budgeting & Forecasting

    A plan for controlling current and future activities

    Prudent financial control starts with budgeting that is aligned with your strategy.

    Being able to budget adequately and continually refine that budget over time to reflect current market conditions, is one of the single most valuable activities any business has to undertake.


    Prudent financial control starts with budgeting that is aligned to your strategic plans. If your business strategy does not change over time, then your budget will most likely to be inaccurate.


    But we know that this rarely happens and changes in market activities will mean that you will need to recalibrate your strategy and therefore re-forecast your budget to align with your new plans.

    How do we help?

    • Build a bottoms up budget model with assumptions and drivers clearly documented.
    • Highlight the areas you need to “watch out” for i.e. gross margins, overheads as % of sales, run rate etc.
    • Use dynamic forecasting models with scenario planning to evaluate “what if” scenarios.
    • Make recommendations where profitability can be improved.
    • We can tailor financial model specific requirements if there is an area of business you would like to focus on i.e. revenue modelling.

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