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    Business Process Improvement

    Build a Competitive Advantage

    Utilising effective business processes to deliver quality products or services.

    Every organisation is comprised of business systems containing individual processes, and every process is comprised of a series of tasks or activities.


    For businesses to deliver a quality product or provide a wanted service, they must utilise effective business processes. When a company’s processes are effective and efficient, positive things occur. First, the company operates through lower costs. Second, the company performs at a higher competitive level.  Finally, the company improves its bottom line.


    In cases where business processes are deficient, the company usually suffers from high overhead costs and lower revenues. To avoid financial setbacks and losses from these deficiencies, the company should systematically analyse its business processes and implement performance improvements.

    How do we help?

    • Define the process – suppliers, inputs, activities necessary to fulfil the process, outputs and customers
    • Uncover opportunities – while mapping a business process, we will typically find at least a dozen opportunities
    • Measure for success – the key to process measurement is designing good measures that evaluate the extent to which the process purpose is being met both effectively and efficiently.
    • Analyse the process – assessing the value and time of process tasks and the waste created by process production. This will typically yield insights into customer relationships.
    • Take effective action – time to put it in action. We have found that about 50% of all business process problems and opportunities can be solved within 90 days. 
    • Establish a state of control – basic control elements include a defined process and value proposition, a performance measure, feedback from the customer, and corrective action. Monitor for effectiveness – process performance improvement should be monitored no less than monthly

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