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    Financial Modelling & KPI Reporting

    Analysing and interpretation of financial data

    The ability to turn information and data into insights, improving business decisions.

    A key component of running a successful business is the ability to turn information and data into insights and thereby improving business decisions.


    From our experience, it’s not the lack of data that is the real issue. Most businesses will have systems that will capture data be it accounting software, planning and reporting tools or even ERP systems for more sophisticated organisations.


    It comes down to understanding what the key revenue and cost drivers are for your business then organising, disseminating, manipulating and reporting your data in a way that will allow you to leverage those drivers. In other words, you must decide what data best supports your strategic goals and business model.

    How do we help?

    • A thorough review of your business value chain to understand activities that your business performs to deliver a product or service for the market.
    • We then focus on areas of your business that will deliver the most value and either deliver standardised reporting for your monthly reviews or a specific one-off report if required.

    For a service offering we may look at:

    • Revenue modelling
    • Client profitability
    • Utilisation rates %
    • Staff costs

    For a product offering we may look at:

    • Product profitability
    • Cost to serve
    • Cost of goods sold
    • Inventory turnover

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