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    You need sound financial management structures and practices in place.

    Achieving your business objectives requires more than meeting sales goals; it’s knowing the potential your business has and seeing it flourish. Financial expertise and profitability go hand in hand, which is why so many large companies have full time CFO’s. Working closely with the business owner, CEO, board of directors and senior management, Integral CFO provide strategic expertise, financial leadership with flawless execution. When working with our team of financial consultants, our clients benefit from tailored, customised solutions that solve their specific needs and requirements.


    In many small to medium-sized companies (SME’s), the CFO is responsible for the interpretation of the results, cost control measures, capital acquisition and forward-thinking due to economic, industry and government regulation.


    A CFO in a growth-oriented small business must be hands-on. Being ‘in the weeds’ is critical to controlling growth and communicating results to those with money at stake. That could be the owners or shareholders, banks, insurance companies and – let’s not forget – the employees. As growth occurs, the company and it’s key customers, suppliers and employees will face new risks.


    Managing risk involves not only having insurance, but the CFO must also protect the company from regulatory, environmental and human capital risks.

    In summary, our VCFO’s offer the following

    • Identify strengths and your competitive advantage
    • Target weaknesses
    • Understand market opportunity
    • Create a portfolio of growth initiatives
    • Identify strategic partnerships
    • Evaluate new business opportunities

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