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    Increase Sales

    The key to helping your business achieve rapid growth is to determine where and how finance-supported analytics can add value.

    Integral CFO can help your sales function by bringing a critical eye to every stage in the sales funnel. They can use their unique perspective to provide data-backed insight into customer retention, pricing, and churn.

    Here are a few ways we can help improve your sales:

    Customer Acquisition

    Market analysis and risk reduction. Our CFO can help conduct thorough and frequent market analysis so the sales team can respond to changing market conditions. If a specific industry is showing signs of distress, your sales team will need time to formulate a plan that keeps them on target to meet projections.

    Channel Strategy

    We can help sales analyse which channels have traditionally brought in the most customers to help inform strategy moving forward. We can also bring new insight and segment by customer assisting the sales team to allocate budget toward activities that drive growth at a very granular level.

    Product Pricing Analysis

    We can further break down cost by conducting pricing analysis on customers. We suggest you consider “which customer segments are being given unwarranted volume discounts (and) which are unaffected by slight price increases” Get granular with your pricing analysis to uncover additional opportunities for revenue and arm your sales team with this insight. If you are a smaller business, you may want to look a product price elasticity and various scenarios to stimulate more sales at different times of the year.

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